In the Spring of 2014, poet Katy Didden, composer Jason Treuting and I collaborated on a performance of an early percussion quartet by John Cage and Lou Harrison. Treuting and Didden erased and removed parts from the original composition — Treuting worked with the musical score, and Didden worked with the "Note" that preceded the score. They removed information in order to create new compositions.

I worked with the modified musical score to create a system to 'transcribe' the score for a set of laser printers. Each part was assigned a visual language, using basic shapes and colors (CMYK), and assigned its own printer. Every page that was printed represented one eighth note in the composition.

This resulted in nearly a thousand printed pages that were each passed through several printers. They were then scanned and presented during the performance as a multi-page PDF, which was advanced in real time with the percussion quartet.

Programs were made and distributed to audience members. We performed this piece at the Lewis Center for the Arts.

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